The Full Treatment 

Energy Healing works to remove negative energy, obstacles and  'stuck energy' from within your Self on every level; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and also physically.   Energy blockages can result in feelings of fatigue, depression, feelings of being lost and alone, vulnerability, irritation, anger, fear, anxiety and more.  When we are experiencing prolonged feelings such as these, it can feel extremely difficult or impossible to move forward; to accomplish our dreams and goals, to feel joyful and content - to be successful. 

During an Energy Healing session, we will begin by identifying which type of blockages that we will be working towards clearing and removing.  Just as in any healing session, each client's focus and treatment will be unique and tailored to their specific needs at that time.  ​

Our session may include any one of or a number of healing modalities such as

  • Crystal healing

  • Nourishing Touch

  • Emotion Code

  • Dowsing/Pendulum Healing

  • Energy Clearing

  • Aromatherapy

  • and others

While I am removing and clearing energies from within and around you, you may be seated comfortably or lying down, it is your choice entirely. It is also up to you if you'd like to omit any healing modalities. We begin by relaxing and I'll ask for you to breathe deeply during the active healing portion of our session. 

Afterwards,  I will share with you any energies that I came across, cleared and moved out of your energy field and path.  Also, I will share any other messages that were brought forth through the healing.  Many feel free to share their experiences, questions and feelings afterwards and experience a deeper healing as a result.

I may also share with you some points on how you can continue to clear and balance your energy going forward. Many times, this takes focus and vigilance in order to ensure that your clear and strong Life force Energy continues to strengthen going forward.


​Potential Blockages can include: 


  • loss

  • grief

  • divorce

  • stress and/or emotional trauma

  • dealing with disease or illness

  • physical challenges

  • blockage in attracting abundance

  • connecting with a fulfilling relationship

  • attracting a career change

Energy Healing À la carte
Services in the Full Treatment also available individually: 
  • Emotion Code: available in person or remotely
  • Dowsing/Pendulum Healing
  • Personal Energy Clearing