Past Life Readings

​A past life reading allows someone who sees intuitively to review your incarnations ​and provide information about them. Lifetimes emphasized in the session are relevant to your current life ​and help make sense of your present time experiences ​and beliefs. Past lives are used as opportunities to heal, transform ​and to help you get clearer about your current life path. This session stimulates growth ​and has a positive impact on you now.

Past life readings look back into the lives you led in previous incarnations to help you understand where your soul has been and how past life experiences may impact your life today.

Trauma or difficult experience in a past life can leave spiritual “scars” and affect the way you feel and behave in this life. A past life reading can explain certain fears or phobias you might have and help you overcome them, based on an understanding of their origins in a past life. 

Past life readings are different from past life regression. In a past life regression, you are hypnotized and guided to go back in your memory to past lives. In a past life reading, a psychic medium or spiritual psychic takes the journey into your past and conveys to you what he or she discovers.