Home/Business Clearing

Clearing can be done on a home, property, or workplace.
Negative energies in a space are not necessarily dramatic episodes: they can be quite subtle, but do affect people and the physical world. 
Just as people are emotionally and physically affected by traumatic events, energies of buildings and land are also affected by events in and around them, and continue to radiate those energies until cleared.
Negative energy can accumulate anywhere over time. Discordant energy can be left by former occupants, disgruntled customers, negative employees, excess stress, or visitors.

When we clear the causes, the space feels better, more protected and much more comfortable. The negative energies are gone. Many or most symptoms disappear.   
Joelle works to completion in these distinct areas to be addressed in clearing work: 

*Negative energies or spirit presences 
*Strong emotional imprints in a place

*Stress from earth energy lines altering the harmony of a building or property

Blessing and Sheilding are also included. Afterward, a follow up report is sent regarding the types of energies that were released during the clearing process.
No site visit necessary. Joelle is able to remotely clear because energy is not limited to time and space. Energy forces can be connected into and redirected or nuetralized through intense focused affirmations and energy clearing techniques. 
Common experiences that indicate need for clearing:
  • A feeling that you’d rather not go in your house or business
  • House Stuck on the Market
  • Animals acting out of sorts, change in behavior
  • Negative and unmotivated employees
  • Electrical oddities – alarms, lights go on or off
  • Moods that only occur in a certain room, or at certain times of the day
  • Machines, especially computers, acting funny
  • Run of bad luck, accidents, vandalism or theft
  • Reduction in cash flow
  • Pockets of cold air
  • Cycle of arguing or conflict 
  • Children afraid and/or insisting there's something there
  • Poor sleep, constant fatigue or illness