Within us all, under our busy-ness, is our true Self; the part of us that is awake and aware. The part of us that is accepting, full of love and at peace with the present. 

To access this true Self, we need to relax, to be filled with good and purifying energy, understand the histories that may be buried within us and to release emotions that create patterns that no longer serve our greatest good. 


Through her offerings of Holy Fire Reiki, Emotion Code and Past Life Readings, Joelle of Golden Spark Healing can help you to discover the you that feels right, the you that feels true. 

Holy Fire Reiki brings you a sense of safety, acceptance and love that continue long after the session ends. 

Emotion Code allows negative emotions that have held on from past experiences to be called out and released.

A Past Life Reading will give you an opportunity to dig deeper into where you were before now and heal or learn from your past. 

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Pathways of Light~Wellness Center 

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